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Chemical peels

In aesthetic dermatology skin peels of fruit acids (glycolic acid / salicylic acid) are mainly used. These are always freshly prepared and depend individually on the skin type. During treatment you do not need to cut back on your daily activities. A peel is easily performed even during your lunch break. After thoroughly cleansing the face, the fruit acid peel is applied for several minutes. Even after this short time you experience an immediate effect. By removing old layers of skin, the formation of new cells is stimulated. Finally, after multiple treatments, there is a visibly refined complexion and a more youthful appearance.

After exfoliating the skin should be treated with a moisturizing cream and protected from sunlight. Concomitant use of vitamin A preparations is not recommended and should be discussed individually. A slight redness and burning may occur at short notice during and after the treatment, but disappears after a short period of time. Usually several sessions are recommended at weekly intervals, to achieve an optimal result.